Friday, June 12, 2009


Lately, I have been a bit hard on myself about this blogging thing. I seem to be so busy with the day to day life...such as chasing little pirates...that I just can't seem to do one more thing in my day. If at about 9pm I even sit down for a split second I'm "down for the count." I really want to do better.

I have had some things on my mind, but I haven't taken that chance to sit down and voice them...even now as I type I have one Little Bit telling me his is "yucky" and another bigger K-man talking to me about all fun things done at school today (and of course I pause to smile and make a comment to each thing shared), mixed with a bit of "Momma can you do this, hurry momma."

1. How much time should you take for yourself? I know everyone is different, but I just feel so needed sometimes I can't breath. I feel very pulled to focus on "home" things. I feel my place is in the home doing the best I can for my family and my adorable husband...but sometimes I feel that I am restless. Like I want to do for me...selfish sounding, I know. I love every minute of preparing meals for my family, keeping my home, teaching my boys about God-loving my family, I just seem to need to find a time for my own refreshing time- I also can't seem to complete anything-I am absolutely interrupted continuously!!!! What do you do to refresh? How much time do you take to refresh? How do those wonderful women who post amazing things they do and complete have the time and energy (some of them have a home full of wonderful children!)???

2.Our family recently were invited to a home to allow K-man and T. ( A boy K-man has gotten to know at his "school") to play. I was sadden by the whole visit. The almost 5 year old boy said "crap" on several occasions with his mother's response, "don't say that, they may not talk like that." WHATEVER! No, we don't talk like that and absolutely no child of mine is going to use that language freely- so tacky! Then the evening proceeded with his mother and father continuing with..."T. don't play that music,...don't play that game, they may not like it." Oh my! I was blown away by what they allowed there son to listen, watch, play and say! Not only this,but I didn't even know this family well and the mother talked about everyone and everything (and not always the most kind words were used). I was so upset. Through passing conversations and greeting with her I had no idea the family life that they led. Living in a small town, I understand that you have to be nice to everyone, but I'm not sure this family is one we will be doing much with. I think I'm in for a rude awakening. We spend so much time with friends from our church and others who are so kind hearted that the "real world" can be so shocking! I was so concerned that night that I couldn't sleep and I was physically sick the next day. I'm just so tired of the "real world"! You can bet I have hit my knees in prayer with the realization that I will have less time with the K-man as he starts "real" school next year. I am also praying to be more assertive and not to become timid when it comes to how we raise our children and operate our home. Those wise women with children in school...How are you combating the "real world"?


Heather said...

Oh, girl..we have SO much to talk about. Can't wait till your visit! Hang in there....the REAL WORLD stinks... :)

I'll try to call you later. Love ya!

momto4girls said...

The song, This Little Light of Mine, has a whole new meaning! The boys will be a light and they will shine where ever they are because of their foundation. Real world stinks but is temporary!

silken said...

oh, you know how I feel about that! my only regret about homeschooling is that I stopped at high school. otherwise, keep doing what you are doing and " about it when you rise up, when you lie down, when you walk along the road..." keep reading and teaching them. bring faith into every daily conversation and teachable moment you can.