Monday, January 10, 2011

"Out of the Mouths of"... my boys

There has been snow all around us, however we haven't seen a bit of here on the home front. K-Man decided to take matters up with the "Man Up Stairs" last night:
" ...oh, and dear God, could you please increase the percentage of snow..."

This year the boys have been deer hunting with my adorable husband on various occasions, however no deer has even been seen. This weekend B-Boy had a plan.
"Dear God, could you please let us see a deer and keep it still so we can shoot it..."

Yep, there have been some heart pats this weekend.


Kim said...

That B is killing me!!! I know that God hears those sweet prayers...and maybe His answer will be yes! Until then, happy Jenga and coccoa! LOVE YOU!

Heather said...

Double heart pat! That is so cute!

That hot cocoa looks SO good! Wish I was at your house and we werre chatting over drinking that yummy goodness! ha! And I agree with K-man...send the snow.

Love u!

Holly said...

So sweet! Did y'all finally get some snow? We've actually been BRRRRing down here with this latest cold spell--but it's cozy with a fire going and a cup of coffee. :)

Love you!