Saturday, January 15, 2011

Opening Weekend

K-man's first basketball game ever was last weekend!
After a stomach ache and "This is the worst day ever!"...
He did GREAT!
K-man loves basketball, but he does not like to mess up or stand out. So, the first practice and the first game of any sport are often challenging getting there. However 5 minutes into it, he's good to go!

From this picture, you would think we won the game. Nope...40 to 2!
He did great and had fun.

What I am going to try to do better at the game this weekend:
  • not yell as was encouraging stuff, just too much ;)
  • Not constantly thinking "GIVE K-MAN the BALL!"...all kids deserve to touch the ball.
  • Try to film more...between trying to take pictures and yell, I didn't get much on film.
  • Maybe not sit by my adorable husband...hmmm. We just need space during sporting events :)


Kim said...

What fun!!! So glad K had fun and did not care about the score. And I'm laughing so hard about you yelling...I can TOTALLY see it!!! Hang in there Momma!!! Can't wait for more b-ball fun! :)

Holly said...

Oh how exciting! I bet it's sooo fun to watch all those little boys run back and forth across the court--esp. one special little boy! Glad he adjusted quickly and had fun.

It's hard to do both video and pictures--it takes a team--ha!

Don't wear your yeller out! :)

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