Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We made it home!

The boys sleeping at the same time- Oh the small things!

We made it home earlier this afternoon- talk about a drive!!! I feel like I can almost do anything now that I have driven 6 hours (12 hours total) by myself with a three year old, a six month old and a dog! I feel like I have just accomplished a great life achievement: Why you ask...
  • I went a route I have never traveled before
  • I went to the bathroom with two kids in very dirty bathrooms
  • I only got turned around twice
  • K. didn't have any accidents (potty accidents)
  • I didn't have have any accidents trying to hand the kids things in the backseat
  • I ONLY told K. to leave B. alone one hundred times!
  • I only had to stop a total of six times (three times each way-good planning huh?)
  • The boys fell asleep at the same time for a total of about an hour
  • I never cried (even though the boys got to!)
  • I took a picture of the boys sleeping while I was driving (I kept my eyes on the road!!!!)
  • AND... I still have my sanity and I am able to laugh about the adventure!

What... There are no certificates, T- shirts or blue ribbons for this achievement?


Heather said...

I love that you got a pic while driving! That cracks me up! HA

I am so proud of you for going to Victoria by yourself. I know how hard it is to travel with two kids. And, I think the t-shirt/award thing is a great idea! LOL

Love ya girl

Deanna said...

You are awesome!! I don't dare make a long drive like that by myself! You go girl! :P

Holly said...

Great pic while driving! I'm sooo proud of you for making that drive--let's just all say a big WHEW!

I don't know how you did everything and kept most of your sanity and hair! Especially those potty breaks!

Hope you can relax a little bit now!

silken said...

There was one time on the way home from Hensel, long drive w/ toddler and baby, that my oldest was giving the youngest her bottle, while he fed himself animal crackers.

too bad I didn't get a pict of that! :)

Mom said...

Who says you aren't "Wonder Woman"! Runs in the family...hee hee!