Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The New Year

By working in nursing homes I often get a different perspective on life. For example, today (the first day of the new year) I experienced a family making a hard decision to put their mother on hospice AND a 103 year old women who was THRILLED that the cleaning staff found her lost (for over two months) hearing aide under her cabinet. This year will be full of ups and downs, sadness and happiness, uncertainty and certainty...but whatever it holds I want to take the chance to live my life to the fullest. I don't want to be afraid to cry because my heart hurts or to shout with joy at the small joys of the day. Live Life. Live Life to the Fullest!


Holly said...

You certainly did experience both ends of the spectrum all in one day! (Scott can relate to the 103 year old lady finding her hearing aid--we've had "moments" around here too)

I think it's wonderful you are in their lives, but also that they touch your life--influence both ways I guess. Anyway, great thoughts!!

Megan said...

Great thoughts and a super motto for the new year! Live Life!

Lynn said...

Those people are so fortunate to get to come in contact with you! We are going through some of that same scenario with my uncle right now. I have learned more in just a couple of months about life ( mine in particular ) and the lessons are not ones I want to forget. GREAT advice that give in this post......like my new one, "Don't lose the lesson." I am sorry that I had to wait so long to learn some of the things I did!

Rochelleht said...

I love that, Lacie! What a great way to remember what is really important. Isn't life fabulous!? Even if it is hard sometimes, I'm just so grateful I have the opportunity to live it!

My new blog look comes as a result of tinkering in Photoshop but also I have a Mac, so I think changing my blog around is lots easier for me than for blogspot chicks.

BriteCloud said...

Those are wonderful thoughts, Lacie. I love the elderly, too. Unfortunately, my voice seems to be at just the wrong pitch for most of them to hear me very well. (Too high, I guess.)

Have you read the book, "Water for Elephants"? It's a great perspective of the life of the elderly, as well as just a very good book.

I hope 2008 is a wonderful year for you and your family!